To be a student within the Bologna process

New insights and studies outcomes

de Alain Fernex (directeur de publication), Laurent Lima (directeur de publication)

Maison d'édition : PUG
novembre 2012
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This work is the result of an international scientific collaboration that has been going on for ten years. The research’s themes are higher education and students. A lot of works are now produced on higher educational policies, at a national level, but also at an international level. The originality of this book is that it proceeds by inquiries with the students, on the basis of an international questionnaire that allows international comparisons.
The book gathers texts of researchers’ from university teams of several European countries (Germany, Austria, Spain, France), but also from Taïwan and Quebec.
In a context of economic globalization and technological revolution, in a period when the changes brought by the construction of Europe and the increase of the international university exchanges render necessary a better knowledge of academic publics, this work brings precious information not only for the persons in charge and the decision-makers, but also for all the actors of the higher education.

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Editeur : PUG

Collection : Regards sur l'éducation

Publication : 2 novembre 2012

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Format (en mm) Livre papier : 160 x 240

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